The Democratic Party: A Party of Violence and Extremism

A key claim of members of the Democratic Party is that the Republican Party is full of white supremacist neo-nazi terrorists who seek to undermine our democracy. This claim has proven to be false on every level but again and again, it is brought up by those on the left. The Democratic party has a history of using shameless smear tactics to influence elections and this reared its ugly head in the recent false rape allegations against Brett Kavanaugh. When it comes to political violence and acts of terrorism, the Democrats again have quite a long history. From the Democratic Party founded and support Ku Klux Klan to the opposition to the civil rights movement, the Democratic Party has been the party of violence and extremism. Here are the top 11 times in the last two years where the Democratic Party resorted to violence to further their radical goals:


  1. They tried to assassinate Donald Trump
  2. They set a Republican Party headquarters on fire
  3. They attempted to assassinate multiple Republican representatives at a Congressional baseball game
  4. They attempted to derail a train carrying multiple Republican senators and representatives
  5. They sent letters containing the extremely deadly toxin Ricin to the White House and the Pentagon
  6. They physically attacked Republican senator Rand Paul outside his home
  7. They have chased numerous conservative speakers off of college campuses
  8. They have sparked numerous riots in cities across the country during their “peaceful protests”
  9. They have chased Republicans out of restaurants simply for being Republican
  10. They have assaulted thousands of Trump supporters in the streets
  11. They sent threatening letters containing white powder to the President’s children
  12. They have threatened Donald Trump’s children and grandchildren


With each passing day, leftist violence and violence supported and perpetrated by the Democratic Party increasingly becomes a worse threat. If they are willing to go to such great and terroristic lengths when they are not in power, imagine what they will do when they are.


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